Cutting plaster coving with a power saw

Hi, sorry if this has been asked before but would it be harmful or
detrimental to the blade etc if I was to use a 240v mitre saw for cutting
plaster coving?
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Mighty Magpie
It will make lots of dust, and you will need a fairly decent size of saw. Other than that it ought to be ok. I would use an old blade though since the plaster is abrasive and take the edge off the blade.
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John Rumm
I think you're gonna need a fine toothed blade as well? my mind is telling me it will shatter the coving if the start cut is done on the fragile edges.
Best do a test cut first to be on safe side and if possible work outside as MrRumm said dust flying everywhere.
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Wot he said, plus: Why do you want to use a power tool at all? I would have though a cheap throw-away hard-point saw would be best. Note that although a good mitre saw will cut very accurate mitres, I bet your walls aren't that close to square! (Err, unless you built them yourself.) You will need to patch up the join anyway.
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Martin Bonner
In article , "Mighty Magpie" writes:
I used a circular saw for cutting some plasterboard (needed lots of pieces 1" x 6'6"). The blade had no problems, but the dust got into every bit of the saw, and wrecked it (nothing slides or pivots as it should do anymore).
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Andrew Gabriel
Thanks to all who responded. You have confirmed what I probably suspected anyway and I am grateful for that
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Mighty Magpie

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