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I can recommend Stone Circle near Basingstoke.
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make shower trays (and cubicles if you want) from a variety of materials from natural stones through to composites from the solid using NC equipment.
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Andy Hall
Do you really mean 680mm high? I think that building regs require a railing around anything more than 600mm :-)
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Andrew May
It depends on what you order.
They have some complete shower cubicle sets in composite stone which are produced from a choice of a few different patterns and the size can be varied. The set consisted of base and large format wall tiles for three walls in the same material - i.e. meant to go in an alcove. There were a few of these in their showroom at prices in the £1200-1800 range.
A stone base (only the base) was in the same price range depending on the material, granite being at the higher end because of it taking longer to machine. Apparently main cost is machine use time, with second cost being material. The composites are less because they machine quickly and easily in comparison, although softer stones were not much more than composites. Equally, one could select a particularly expensive granite and not get much change from £3k.
The firm does subcontract work for major projects and also supplies shaped stone to order.
I went to them for two pieces of 20mm granite for my cloakroom project. One, which is a cover.shelf for the cistern at one end of the room was almost rectangular but not quite - the room is very slightly trapezoidal at the end. The other is an odd shape used along part of one wall as a shelf/vanity top. Over part of its length it is fairly narrow and widens for a rectangular top mounting basin at the end. I templated these in 6mm MDF and selected the material and a honed rather than polished finish. Both pieces fitted precisely and look excellent. The supplier had the pieces available when they said they would as well, so I can recommend them.
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