Creaky floorboards

new carpets going down soon.
are there any sprays i can use to 'lubricate' the flooboards so they dont
move and creak?
ive tried screwing them down i nthe past but they seem to work themselves
loose- if i do screw in a few more what are the best types of screws to
ensure they stay put?
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I tried sprays and chalk, even wax, it never works. The best screws I used were from Screwfix Direct. Fairly long 2inch and number 10 size. You can get ones that have a tooth on the thread itself. Those worked for me, but I also found that decking screws were good. Stick the appropriate bit in an electric drill and away you go. if you get them from Wickes they give you the screwdriver attachment. Just make sure you know what is under the board when you drill through. If the board is warped, put some smaller bits of wood underneath where the joist is to try and even it up.
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i stuck in a load of screws last time
i guess i shoudl take them out and replace them with 'proper oens for the job' - i imagine i iwll need ones with fatter 'necks' so i fill the old holds up? or should i use new holes and leave the old hoels empty? might bee to many holes i nthe board that way tho!
what material do you use to pack the floorbaord? at the joint yes? so they have to be fairly thin..?
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