Covering a pink wall - help required.

Hi all,
I'm painting over a pink wall (child's room) with Dulux Pure Brilliant White
(Matt) to kill off the strong colour before putting an apple white/white mix
on top of it. It was a *very* strong pink.
I've put a couple of layers of paint over it now and generally it's done the
job. However on certain patches you can still see shades of pink coming
through the white. That's no doubt in part to my lack of experience with
the roller.
I appreciate this will be straight forward to many, but I'm not an expert -
that's why I'm asking for advice. For the patches that I can see the pink
coming through, am I best just going over those patches again in white, or
would you go over all the wall again ?
Going over the wall again may seem like overkill, but I'm not sure if
there'd be a "difference" as part of the wall would have 3 layers of paint
on, while the currently good parts would have only 2 layers on it. I know
a layer of paint is (in this case) very thin, but I'm curious as to what is
best to do.
I can afford the time to do a 3rd layer, but remember that I will for
certain be going over the walls again with a final apple white/white mix on
Would my wall look any different ultimately once I'd got the final colouring
Thanks, and apologies if this does seem a straight forward question, but
I've looked around the net without any joy.
Best regards,
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Mike G
I did exactly the same job last year for a customer on a local industrial estate. A complete office painted in bright pink!
Same problem, looked OK when wet, showed patches when dry.
We struggled to cover it, final solution was to use Dulux 'Once' after three coats of normal emulsion. That sorted it. I won't use any other paint now.
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The Medway Handyman
are you using a top coat? arent undercoats and primers made to cover blemishes, so shouldnt be using one of them to hide the pink?
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