CH header tank leak

As you know, I've been working on my CH this week, which has involved
draining and filling the CH.
When I went to check in the loft, I found a very slight drip coming
from the header tank around the overflow outlet.
The nut is a pig to reach because the tank is small, the ball cock is
in the way, and it's full of water! It seems finger tight to me. What
is the best thing to do?
Should I drain the tank, remove the ball cock and try and get a
spanner inside to tighten it further?
Should I be checking/replacing/adding a washer?
Should I use some plumber's mait/sealant around the outside?
Thanks in advance.
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In article , Fred scribeth thus
Bodge it!, bend the ball cock arm down slightly so it doesn't fill more than it ought!...
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tony sayer
On Sat, 02 Feb 2008 10:03:38 GMT someone who may be Fred wrote this:-
Water should be nowhere near that level. If it is then when the water expands some will run out of the pipe. The level of the water should be much lower, to give room for expansion. Traditionally this was done by bending the arm of the valve down.
It should be watertight and finger pressure should be enough to compress the rubber washer so it is. I would check the rubber washers are in the right place.
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David Hansen

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