Ceiling Construction?

My son has just bought a flat in an ex-council block built in the 70's. My
only experience of ceilings is with my own terraced house with the usual
joists and plasterboard. The ceiling in my sons flat is platerboard but I
don't think there are just joists behind it. I was just wondering how it
migh tbe constructed. I ask because some workmen have just fitted some new
light fittings into the ceiling and I get the impression they have just
screwed into the plasterboard with out any wall plugs or anything. I'm not
sure they have done a proper job going by their other work.
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FILs council flat of a similar vintage had cast concrete floors/ceilings. Ceilings were plasterboard on slim battens. Electrics were in conduit and the PB level with the tops of the junction boxes. Light fitting etc screwed straight into the conduit boxes.
I presume they built it this way for sound insulation between flats.
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Bob Minchin

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