can you repair scratched Marley tiles?

I recently had some dark blue Marley tiles laid in my kitchen (the
label on the box the contractor left said they were 'semi-flexible').
Today I noticed a few thin white lines on them. The only thing I'd
ever dragged over the floor was a polythene mop-bucket, which I
thought was far too soft to scratch them, so I thought these lines
must be something I could clean off.
So I tried to remove the lines with a mop and Flash liquid, and when
this didn't work, I rubbed them with the sort of plastic scouring
sponge you use for non-stick pans. I thought that since it was plastic
on plastic, it couldn't do any harm.
Now the floor has lots of great pale patches that I can only assume
must be thousands of tiny scratches made by this scouring sponge.
Is there any way I can polish them off? I've only had this floor for a
few weeks and I'd hate to think I've messed it up for good.
Marley's own site has nothing about floor tiles, so anything anyone
here can suggest would be very welcome.
Thanks in advance
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Mmm. You are in moderate shtuck.
When I laid some I had the same problem exactly. I lifted the worst ones and relayed new, and then used lots of marly liquid something or other on the rest. Once I had built that up they all looked similar.
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The Natural Philosopher

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