Bosch WFK2801 washing machine - outlet blocked (error 3)

I have a ~8 year old Bosch front-loading washing machine, model
WFK2801. It's been working fine until this weekend when I (stupidly)
put 3 small squares (perhaps 30x30 cm) or carpet in.
During the low temp (30 C) wash lots of fluff/fibre came out of the
carpet. After completing the cycle I picked up the pieces of yarn
inside. I also cleaned the small amount out of the drain filter.
Today the wash stopped with error 3 - blocked outlet. I restarted
manually, and it drained, just a bit slowly. I did a 90 C wash with
some soda crystals (done many times before) to soften up any gunk/
limescale, and after this I again checked the filter, and also took
the opportunity to clean out the "trap" between the pump and rear of
machine - A piece that is often limescaled up.
It wasn;t too bad. The drain hose looked ok at the sink end, and no
blockage in the sink. I did not however remove/clean..
Just done another wash and the machine is really struggling to drain -
basically it won't!
- I;m pretty sure the pump is operating
- it starts emptying slowly (higher pressure in drum?) and then slows
to a crawl
- Some water comes out of the front/emergenvy drain hose connected to
pump, but not a huge amount
- When the pump operates water stops coming out of the short/front
emergency hose
- When the machine is powered off a glassful or so rapidly comes out
this same hose then slows to a trickle
- If the screw-cap over the pump/filter is removed water comes out
slower than expected?
Tomorrow I plan to (obviously) remove/clean the hose from machine rear
to drain.
I think I also need to check the one between the "trap" and the pump -
hope it's not too hard, not done that one before
What else could it be/should I check? How easy is it to get to the
pump to clean? Should I detach the pipe from the drum? Is it hard to
get to/reattach?
Many thanks for the advice.
(feeling a bit stupid right now......)
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Did the deed (mostly) last night. Recommendation was access via front panel. access was pretty easy and one pipe was virtually blocked solid in limescale (+fluff and 5p coin!). Apart from one screw which needed penetrating oil to soak!
All done apart from the outer door seal to attach which needs a second pair of hands - and will prob be somewhat tricky.. think bicycle tyre. And of course testing .....
Other than 2 pairs of hands and soap, any recommendations for remounting the outer seal? The clip is actually just a solid wire (think coat hanger) attached with a very tight spring. It seems the best bet is to slide on with clip mounted, starting at the spring side, but it still seems very tricky
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