Bosch cordless replacement chuck?

The chuck on my 6 month old Bosch (blue) drill is slipping the
drill/bit. No matter how hard I try to do it up, there is always a
little slippage, and it is getting worse.
I know I could send it back and get a new one from Bosch, but I use this
drill at least 3 days out of 5 every week, so it is pretty invaluable to
me, and I dont want to let it go for a couple of weeks to be repaired.
Hence I am on the lookout for a new chuck, as spending £30 on a new
chuck will save me loads of hassle.
So, how do I know which chuck to go for?
I'd like to avoid another Bosch one if that is possible. The Jacobs
chuck on my Dewalt is pretty good - it certainly seems more positive
than the Bosch.
And thread size? There is a crosshead screw inside the chuck, this is a
left hand thread I am told. I'm presuming the chuck is also threaded
onto the output shaft, or is it only the inside screw holding it on?
Thanks for any thoughts.
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Find a local independant hire shop, they are great for cheap repairs to branded power tools, most have Bosch/Makita spares in stock because they hire them out.
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The Medway Handyman
We were somewhere around Barstow, on the edge of the desert, when the drugs began to take hold. I remember (A.Lee) saying something like:
Yep, the small screw is a LHT and the main screw on the chuck is a normal thread.
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Grimly Curmudgeon
Won't Bosch send the chuck alone?
If not get a =A330 drill from Argos to use in the meantime, then keep it as a spare ;)
cheers, Pete.
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Pete C
I've no idea, I've not got enough time/enthusiasm to ring them and ask, and now do not have much faith with a Bosch chuck when a better one is available. If I wanted, I could dig out the receipt, drive over to the shop I bought it from (30 mins from me), then leave them to sort it. This will take me 3 hours minimum to take/collect it, and leave me without the drill for 2 or 3 weeks I estimate. I dont have much spare time, so 3 hours to do this is a real PITA, and a far easier solution is to order a new chuck off the web :
formatting link
it from my local PO, and fit it at my leisure.
When I first started work, the Engineers used to use a WD40 type spray for £6.99, when WD was around £2. I could never understand why they paid over double for a similar consumable - their answer was 'we just ring up the supplier, it is here next day, when we are desperate they will bring out things at no extra charge same day, and also come out on a Saturday with anything we need'. Time is money. I can now see why they would pay more for reliable service - when you are busy, you just dont have time to ring round different suppliers to get the best/cheapest price, you want something guaranteed to be there when you order it - hence I would rather pay £30 than spend hours trying to sort out something.
I've been caught out more than once in the last 6 months by trying different suppliers who were cheaper than anyone else. A local fencing company advertised as 'under new management', so I thought I'd try them again. £450 order, ~£50 cheaper than the current supplier. I gave them the order with 8 days notice. They said 9am delivery?. No, 11am would be better. OK, we'll be there at 11am next week. So that day, I had employed a Labourer to unload/move stuff. 11am come and went. At 12, I rang them, after much mumbling, and asking "where the delivery was to,yes sorry, we are running a bit late, will be there at 3pm now" 3pm come and went, I rang them again, "sorry, running a bit late will be 5pm now" We were stuck on site with nothing to do, so we went home. I called into the suppliers on the way home - my stuff was just being loaded on the van, with the fence panels dripping wet - they had only just come out of the treatment tank, showing that they had only just been made. Then to top it all, they did a short delivery, so I had to go back and fetch more stuff from them. The £50 cheaper first price actually cost me £100 more in the end.
I've already got 2 spares drills, but they are not as good as this one, - when you use something every day, you know what it can do, and how long it will last. Alan.
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