Baxi Bermuda 552 back boiler

My whole heating system is down and I cannot figure out the
problem(s). Hoping someone can help!
Originally, hot water and 3 of 8 radiators worked (2 downstairs
towards the rear of the house, and 1 upstairs at the front of the
house). The heating had not been used all summer and I could hear the
pump turning. (In fact, I pulled up the floorboards and the pump was
vibrating and was not air locked.) I thought that it was just a case
of bleeding the system. There was so much air that it was a few
minutes of bleeding an upstairs radiator before the water even entered
the radiator. The boiler was serviced 1 week before, and the
technician reckoned that it might be the pump.
Now, after much bleeding of the system (which now seems to be full),
the boiler does not fire up for the central heating, but it will if
both the Hot water and the pump switch are on.
Why is this? Is it the gas valve? I presumed that the hot water was
gravity-driven, is there a diverter valve on the Bermuda 552 model?
One strange symptom that happens now is that when the boiler ignites
when the pump switch and hot water is switched on, for about 5
seconds, water flows out of the downwards-facing pipe going into the
Expansion tank in the attic. I have not seen any evidence of a leak.
Any answers to this problem(s) will be very much appreciated,
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Suggest you start here:
formatting link
's far from complete but may answer some of your questions. Reading some of the related articles on the wiki and in the FAQ (link on article above) may also help
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