Bitumen Paint My shed roof and Am I nuts

I want to paint my shed roof with Bitumen Paint and a chuck away paint
roller Am I nuts
I really cant deal with another felting job
Phil of Whittlesey Peterborough England
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Yes. That roller will keep perfectly well, floating in the bucket of paint until next year.
I use a brush, which hardens, and then stick it in the paint and work it a bit -- it's fine in a few minutes. Use vegetable oil or baby oil to get the paint off yourself. Just as good as diesel, and much less nasty.
Thomas Prufer
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Thomas Prufer
This is an old fashioned roofing method that was once common. Yes it works. Felt is effectively just a way to apply a layer of bitumen.
Hehe, I have no idea :)
Regards, NT
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N. Thornton
This would be functional for a while, but not aesthetically pleasing.
You could also look at some of the acrylic sealers which are more flexible and clean up easily in water.
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Andy Hall
I think I wont use artificial slate on the roof the bleedin thing will probably collapse only held together by wood beetles . I think I will pop up there with a 99p roller and a bucket of stinky stuff.
Mind you I could give my next door neighbour a peek whilst I'm up there and ask to borrow the baby oil, to clean my roller .
Thanx knowledgeable types Phil of Whittlesey Peterborough England
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