Bit of a bargain from CPC?

On Jan 18, 2:01 pm, "Dave Plowman (News)" wrote:
If you break it down, not really that cheap.
The workbench is one of those =A36.99 specials and the toolkit with tons of bits and bobs is available in various guises quite cheaply too.
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And if you look at the caption under the picture "Image is for illustrative purposes only. Please refer to product description" and then look at the product description, it only describes the drill and the workbench. So do you actually get all the goodies shown in the picture? I'd be surprised if you did! David
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I cringe when I see notices like that. If it's not an illustration of the goods being offered, what *is* it an illustration of, and why is it there?
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Mike Barnes
Err, a 'generic' description, maybe? If there are differences in the bells whistles switches and flashing lights between models but they all look very similar?
I've just taken delivery of a new motor, there are three models. On a first glance they all look similar; to tell them apart, to spot the differences, you need to see the specs.
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The Wanderer

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