Band Saw at Aldi On Sunday

Hmmmm, now that you mention it.... and I was toying with the idea of getting one too!
In truth though, I'd be surprised if it was any more dangerous than any other band saw. More failure prone maybe and less accurate (like a cheap jig saw) quite possibly, but I'd be surprised if it developed a reputation for flying apart and into people's faces.
Still, time may very well tell. -- Rob
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Rob Hamadi
Funny you should say that...I havn't had belts of flying metal from their Bench Saw bought 3 years ago,although its accuracy leaves a lot to be desired with a fine cut blade it rips wood perfectly.
Suggest you try their power tools before knocking your knees together,for the price they are good tools if your are not a perfectionist. I've only got a gripe about their electrical stuff which is shite.
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