Antique CH timer

I have a very antique Randall 103 central heating timer, which decided not
to switch on this morning - so perhaps the time has come to improve on it.
Trouble is, I can find to way to remove it from the wall. I've managed to
unscrew the cover at the bottom where all the wires come in. Of course I
could just smash it - but as I may not be able to get a replacement yet I'd
rather not do that. Has anyone any knowledge of how these come apart?
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Keith Dunbar
ISTR a screw comes out at the bottom - then the whole unit slides upwards - leaving behind just a back panel with the wiring in it.
I replaced one of these in 1999, and had the choice of the original rotary clock unit, or a digital unit that would slide onto the original backplate.
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On Tue, 11 Dec 2007 09:23:51 GMT, "Keith Dunbar" wrote:
I have a couple of the 102 Model which I believe is similar .Underneath as you say is a screw to remove the black cover .After you take it off just pull the rest upwards and the next step will be obvious .
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Stuart B
In message , Keith Dunbar writes
Whack it upwards with the palm of your hand, it's being held in place by the contacts
I probably have a couple of working 103s BTW if you do kill it
I think that the 105E is an electronic pin compatible replacement which would save you messing with rewiring, you might find that they are called Danfoss now
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On Tue, 11 Dec 2007 09:23:51 GMT someone who may be "Keith Dunbar" wrote this:-
In a couple of minutes I had navigated to
formatting link
appears to cover the whole range and I suspect includes mechanical and electrical instructions.
As others have said most controllers have had a standard backplate for many years. A replacement controller should fit on this backplate, without disturbing the wiring. This controller could come from almost any supplier.
Note that when you take the controller off the backplate some terminals will be live, unless isolated elsewhere.
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David Hansen
In message , David Hansen writes
What David has said above is totally incorrect in your case
The Randall backplate for the 102/103 and subsequent programmers based on them is different to most others
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