Alarm BellBox wiring Q

I have an existing Alarm system - A1 Alarms RF8000, which was playing up & also neede new PIR .. and company seems to have gone bust.
I have bought a replacement a RESPONSE RE3000, as they were hugely discounted as end of stock items at TLC.
To avoid having to replace the bell box, I would like to wire in the new RESPONSE RE3000 to use the RF8000 bell box.
However I am confused as to what I connect to what.
The A1 alarm used 6 cores to the bell box :
Colour alarm panel id Bellbox id
Green - 0 -
White - RT Return
Black - Bell - sw -
Red - Bell + +
Blue - Strobe - Strobe
Yellow - Strobe + Strobe
The RESPONSE only uses 4 wires ..
Red - Siren
Black - COM
Yellow -Charge
Blue - Tamper
There are 5 other unused connections - NO, C, NC, Power -, Power +
Can anybody tell me how to connect the A1 alarm box up to the Response
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From the Response Panel you need to have power + and - to the sounder, so that it has the continuous hold off voltage it needs to run the comfort LED's and to keep the battery charged.
You'll need to use jumper links between the - (negative) terminals in the panel. One link from the negative side on the sounder power output in the panel will need to be connected to the "C" (common) in the sounder switching. The actual sounder wiring would then be connected from the Power + in the panel to the Bell + and Strobe + in the sounder, then the Bell - and Strobe - is taken from the "NO" (normally open) terminal in the panel. This will bring the sounder online when the switch closes, swings from "NC" (normally closed) to the "NO" (normally open) when the panel comes under alarm condition.
The Charge connection will be taken directly to the battery, so you'll need to find out which connections in the sounder, that this relates to.
Depending on what the Tamper polarity runs on the panel, then you'll need to make the connection between the blue and the tamper - negative or + positive in the panel. The panel instructions should tell you how to make this connection work correctly.
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