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Acme Juicer: An Instant Juicer
The Acme juicer is able to convert fresh fruits as well as vegetables
into a spray of highly dense as well as pure juices in a trice and has
been hailed as one of the best juicers all across the world when it
comes to obtaining essential nutrients from fresh vegetables as well
as fruits.
The Acme juicer is not like other blenders and liquefiers and it is
able to grind food into a homogenous mass by cleanly separating the
juice from the pulp. It has a powerful centrifugal action with an
inner basket spinning at 60 times per second thus it will be forcing
the pure juice through thousands of very minute side openings that
don't let the pulp through and makes it adhere to the side and so it
is very easy to dispose of the pulp.
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