16th or 17th

If you are about to re-wire a house would you include some of the
changes planned in the 17th addition ?
The one I'm thinking of most is ensuring all ccts in the bathroom are
RCD protected since this eliminates the need to do supplementry
BUT ,, would it pass inspection since without bonding it would not
comply with the current 16th edition.
Also, in the case I'm considering, the property will be let out so if
I comply with the 16th edition now will it fail the annual inspection
next year ?
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In article , ac1951 writes:
No it wouldn't.
There's no requirement to update an installation to the current regs, providing it conformed to the regs in force at the time.
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Andrew Gabriel
On Nov 11, 1:41 pm, snipped-for-privacy@cucumber.demon.co.uk (Andrew Gabriel) wrote:
IMHO It would be given a category 5 rating. This is a new but little advertised grading of installation work...
......does NOT comply with current regulations, BUT give it a few weeks and it probably will...then they will change the regs and then it won't...then it will...then...
obviously no sarcasm intended. Obviously only my opinion and not that of the NICEIC ECA Uncle Tom Cobbley etc
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The notes accompanying the draft edition say this:
"BS 7671: 2008 Requirements for Electrical Installations is to be issued on January 1st 2008 and is intended to come into effect on June 1st 2008. Installations designed after 1st June 2008 are to comply with BS 7671:2008."
I think those dates have slipped back a month now, but the key word is "designed".
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Andy Wade

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