15mm T off a T

I'm fitting a second sink in a bedroom, feeding it from the supply in the
The main feed coming up in to the bathroom feeds several lines (sink, bath,
washing machine).
I can't see why it'd be a problem but is there any reason why I can't take a
feed from one of these, in turn, for the bedroom sink? The reason is purely
ease of fitting - accessing the "main" feed is a lot tougher and will
increase the workload considerably - if the benefits aren't there then I
don't want the hassle!
Effectively this will be a T off of a T (with some pipes in between), all
using 15mm all the way. I was going to choose the washing machine lines as
these are the easiest to access and are the least likely to be used at the
same time as the bedroom sink.
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Sounds fine to me. Might be different if you were feeding a shower or something with it, but OK for a sink.
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Are you talking about hot or cold? When you say "main feed", are you referring to the rising main (cold water supply to your house)? If so, what you suggest sounds fine - should work no problem. I'm sure there will be plenty of pressure.
The only time I have had any problems with water pressure are with gravity-fed systems from a cold or hot water tank. You have to make sure you use a tap designed for gravity fed systems, not for the mains pressure hot water systems that most of Europe use. Some taps designed for mains pressure are very restricting, and so your water ends up as a bit of a dribble.
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Sorry, I don't have the terminology down. It's both hot and cold. The hot is from the combi and the cold is as distributed on from the mains, throughout the house. Pressure in to the house is very good. Cheers.
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Well you WILL get a bit of a drop when two devices are n at once. I can modulate the hiss of the loo cistern refilling using the basin or bath taps here..but who gives a monkeys?
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