Craftsman Roll Away Chest Stuck Locked

I bought a craftsman toolchest last night and when I got it home I
opened the drawers and then closed them and locked the chest. Now I
cannot unlock the chest. I have the key that came with the chest, and
the key numbers match the cylinder numbers. Has this happended to
anyone? Is there some sort of trick I am not aware of? Please help,
I need to use this chest. Thanks a lot!
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Make sure everything is fully closed. Just a little pressure can keep the lock system from working correctly. If that doesn't work try jiggling(light in/out motion) each drawer and up/down with the lid while putting a little turning pressure on the key. Basically you're trying to get all the mechanisms to line up at the same time. The key doesn't have much leverage for all it does. Don't force anything. Haven't locked my Craftsman boxes very much but that was common with my Kennedy roll about.
Good luck.
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T Shadow
I forgot my Craftsman chest has couple of straps connected to the lid at the back. Seems something setting against them has caused problems before. I think it was closing though. Anyway you might try tilting the chest forward to move thing away from them if you have anything in it. Of course anything that gets out of the drawers at the back can cause problems that could be a real bitch.
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T Shadow
I still got no response from Sears. I shook chest while turning key, glad to say it unlocked. Try it, hope it works for you!
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Pesos Mike

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