I'm exhausted from trying to start my new Husqvarna chainsaw...it FINALLY started, but why do they have to be so hard to start?

In fact Huskies are known to start hard when cold. How does it start the second time while still warm? Husqvarna says they are starting on a very lean mix to comply with California's emission regulations. But then, again, it was always so easy to blame everything on California ... but I digress.    
Try what their tech support advises: Activate chain brake by pushing the hand guard forward. Set the choke to the "choke" position (which also sets the ignition to "start") and push the decompression valve in. Its function is to reduce the pressure in the cylinder and make starting easier.
When you feel a firing or pop, push in the choke control but do not touch the throttle (the manual says push and immediately release the throttle) which will keep it in fast idle mode. Supposedly puts some wear on the clutch but i wonder if your repeated attempts to start it wear it out even more.
If everything else fails, call Husqvarna's tech support line at 800-448-7543 Your last option is always to take it back to the store (since it's a new saw you said). Good luck!
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Does it help to push the bulb more than the recommended 6 times?
Will it be easier in warmer weather? Do I have to lift weights to get stronger?
I don't have any problems with my weedwacker, but this thing, argh.
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