power venter (off topic slightly)

I have a question about the tejerland hs2 power-Venter. The blower motor and exaughst hood are separate items. You need to put pipe between the 2 (6"). This is positive pressure at this point and I don't think reg. smoke pipe is enough. Not only that, reg smoke pipe does not seem to be the right size for the blower or the hood. Tejerland tells me to use reg smoke pipe and silicone the seams. This is a really lame and I think dangerous connection. I am sure they are open to lawsuits for a number or reasons. For example: This first tech I spoke with told me to use regular smoke pipe on a positive pressure system with no mention of the need to seal any seams with high temp silicone. They are also unable to provide me or our reps with a single shred of evidence this powerventer has any approved connection whatsoever. The hood designed to go with this blower has a seam which has not been sealed. This is sold to be used with positive pressure system on oil burning systems. This seam is located inside of the living space which could allow deadly fumes into your home or allow fire out and ignite your sill.
I do not believe you can make a legal connection with crimped smoke pipe. Has anybody ever hooked one of these up. Is Zflex the stuff I need? ( I am after 6")
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