DELEX Bathroom Sink Faucet Repair ?

Not sure if this newsgroup is meant to be for professionals only. If so, I apologize. But, would sure appreciate some help with this.
My bathroom sink faucet is (probably) quite old; might even be original with the 35 yr old house.
It's the typical two-handled type, all mounted on a base, with the spigot coming out of the middle.
This probably isn't too important, but just for info.,there is absolutely no drain closure or pull-up knob or lever anywhere on it. Might this help peg the unit ?
Found the name of the unit, but no model number. The name is "DELEX".
I've never heard of it, but a Google search seems to imply that it's an older Delta brand. Is it ? Is it some outfit Delta absorbed a while ago ? Or,...?
What would you suggest that I purchase that stands a reasonable chance of being the right size ? I know that Delta has several kits for bathroom sink two-handled faucet repairs, but they seem to be model specific ?
Is there a "universal" repair kit from Delta that would fit most any of them, including an older DELEX ?
If they were made pretty much like the new ones, I guess I would need the springs, the "top-hat" rubber washer that goes over the springs, and/or a complete new cartridge assembly.
Or,...? Any thoughts would be most appreciated.
Much thanks, Bob
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