Do I need expansion joints?

I have a brand new home with a 14X30 attached and covered Patio. I want to add 30 inches on one end of the Patio from the house to the end of the patio. (This is where I intend to keep my grill and smoker.)
So, my new concrete will be 30inches by 14 feet. Do I need an expansion joint between 14 foot of existing patio and between the 30 inches and the house slab? And if so, what kind and size joint?
I intend to do this using approximately 20 bags of sakrete. (I plan to have extra, on hand.)
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Nope, the new concrete won't bond to the old, almost at all. However, you still may want to have a relief joint in the middle of the 30"x14' slab, so you don't get an ugly crack in the future.
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