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Our 60 yr old house and garage has three siding boards midway up the stucco wall. The wood siding has been painted many times, but every 4 years needs repainting. Am thinking about cladding it with fascia boards - either plastic or metal. - Any suggestions??? - continuing to paint is such high maintenance, it's not an option anymore. The window sills of the garage are in terrible shape - how do I cover them? Would love to have a maintenance free exterior.
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Absolutely metal, painted aluminum. Plastic is garbage. Plastic doesn't clean itself like painted metal and in a few decades will dry-out and break off. The painted aluminum is good for 50-years and can be repainted with Rustoleum, Krylon or Automotive Spray Paint after that for, at least, another 20-years. Also, do or have the window sills done so the aluminum flashing is tight to the sill or you'll hear every rain drop.
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