where do you buy lint free cloths?

The definition of "lint free" appears to be pretty flexible if you look at cloths available on the market. There are many different kinds of lint-free cloth ranging from some janitorial grade that simply doesn't leave too much fiber behind all the way up to lab-grade fiber optic wipes that leave absolutely no fiber behind because even the smallest fiber may be a big problem given the micro scale.
There are also disposable lint-free and reusable ones. Also, can abrasiveness be tolerated by the surface you're wiping it with? Does it have to withstand being soaked in a solvent of any particular kind?
So, which application do you need it for? For some really delicate photo/video equipment, optics and fiber optic cleaning I've been buying Kimtech Science Kimwipes® ( a Kimberly-Clark product ) for about 20 years now, great stuff. NOT CHEAP to say the least (
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) but is worth it if very expensive equipment depends on it.
Kimberly-Clark is perhaps the most prominent of the quality manufacturers, can't go wrong with them. Not all their wipes are as expensive as Kimtech Science, some start at $3/box, and different sizes are available, too. Lint-free cloth is precisely the type of supplies you would want to buy over the Internet and I don't remember the last time I didn't buy them on Amazon, so that's what I can recommend:
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(link goes to a page at Amazon with some 250+ lint-free wipes and clothes)
That said, if all you're looking for is just some cloth that does not leave streaks and fibers when you wipe your freshly washed car, I would just pick up a pack of microfiber cloth at your closest big box Xmart. They may leave some lint behind but it will blow off as soon as you start driving.
So, again, it all depends on the application.
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There are also non reusable lint-free and recycleable ones. Also, can abrasiveness be accepted by the outer lining area you're clearing off it with it have to hold up against being saturated in a solution of any particular kind.
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