I need know how to use a garage door opener for an elevator to the attic

"a closet" can mean different things to different people. If you are talking about raising and lowering a rack for something like AV equipment, there are ready-made solutions for that. But speaking of garage door opener specifically, I guess anything is possible but it won't be easy. It is a powerful motor connected to a very long screw that can transform the circular motion of the motor's rotor into linear motion of the nut traveling along the screw - basically what you need to move something up / down. I would imagine the device actually looks like a reversed scissor lift - the only way I can think of to conceal the screw itself (I am assuming "no tracks" also means no long metal screw along the wall either) so it is actually positioned up in the attic parallel to the ceiling.
Just curious what kind of a closet you are talking about and how much weight you are going to move and how far up/down.
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I once saw a closet that raised and lowered into the attic using a garage door opener. There were NO tracks on the walls. How can that be done? I would like one in my house to gain access to my huge attic, if it is possible
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Can be done depending on type of garage door opener you have, The screw type mentioned in first resp is least desirable. A chain or belt drive type can be positioned and structurally secured over the center of gravity of your "cabinet". Secure one end of chain/belt to COG cabinet, run over opener drive train, to another gear (matching drive gear) structurally secured at about same elevation as drive gear further outside of back side of cabinet. A weight came be hung on chain/belt end hanging past back side of cab. This will allow the chain/belt to go up and down. As for stabilizing tracks, you need them! Suspect they were hidden at your previous encounter. LoL
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