work goggles

Lots of good advice and anecdotal evidence. I would just add that if you wear prescription glasses, you can get prescription safety glasses with side shields. In true safety glasses, the frames have certain ANSI standards that enable them to keep the lenses in place if they are ever impacted. You would not want the lens to pop out if something hits them. The lenses themselves also have ANSI specs and must have a minimum thickness. The lens lab will make them at least that thick no matter what the prescription. The side shields can be solid or a fine mesh screen, whatever applies to your particular situation. Goggles are not really designed for serious impact. They are meant for liquid splashes. Yes, they can handle minor impact but I would not rely on them where the major hazard is moderate to severe impact.
I want to point out that most face shields are NOT designed for serious impact. They are intended to be worn over safety glasses. They can handle light to moderate impact but, as one poster reported, the whole shield flew off his head when impacted. If the trajectory of the wood was different, there might have been a more serious result.
Good Luck.
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