window well drainage

i had a new 6' window installed in my basement for egress. the window well has a vertical piece of PVC in the middle which is the drain (it's connected to a huge drywell about 20' away). there is 4-6" of gravel around the drain and sloped away from the window in the well.
the concrete foundation is solid and doesn't leak, but i'm concerned that over time, a problem may develop because the gravel sits right on top of the soil (which is very clay like) and i can already see the mud rising to mix with the gravel. by mistake, no landscape fabric was put down between the gravel and the dirt.
i plan to dig up all the gravel; wash it off; and put down landscape fabric over the dirt; then the gravel.
two questions:
as a general rule, am i better out digging out an additional 2-3" of the clay-like soil and replacing with coarse sand? it would then look like soil, 3"sand, fabric, 4" gravel.
under the theory that it couldn't hurt, since the well would partially exposed after i dug it out, i thot i'd tar that outside wall as well (not to the depth of the footing, but just that 12" or so under the bottom of the window). waste of time? thanks
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