Why Gutter Guards will cost you less than Gutter Cleaning

Why Gutter Guards will cost you less than Gutter Cleaning
Homeowners that have trees have a constant battle with overflowing gutters that cause most of their moisture problems.
Either you clean out the gutters yourself or you constantly pay someone else and hope that the problems will be reduced. Gutter Cleaning:
1.    The Wear and Tear- Your roof and gutters are torn, scratched, dented and broken every time someone cleans out your gutters.
2.    Are they really clog free?- How do you know if all the gutters and downspouts are really clean and free flowing outside of climbing up the ladder yourself and inspecting.
3.    What happens every time they overflow?- It causes problems to your landscaping, foundation, basement, windows, doors, siding, concrete, and anything else including you that gets under the runoff.
4.    What lives in your clogged gutters?- Cockroaches, Mosquitoes, Ear Wigs, Carpenter Ants, Squirrels, Birds, Spiders, Snakes and tons of other wildlife and all types of plants can grow out of them as well.
5.    Price- $350-$800 ANNUALLY
There are over 80 different types of Gutter Guards [http://www.raleighgutterguards.com ] on the market today so which ones work the very best?
Here are the things that really matter:
1. The Warranties- You want a gutter guard that comes standard with a Lifetime No-Clog Guarantee, Money Back Guarantee, Lifetime Material Warranty, and at least a 20 Year Transferable Warranty all in writing.
2. The Performance- The Gutter Cover should handle at least 12" of Rain per Hour, Guarantee to never overflow even when the valleys have debris in them, All covers or guards that have any type of hole or screen in it will eventually clog itself and overflow because mildew and mold grows in them and small organic materials will clog them. It has to be a solid gutter cover with an opening of a minimal of 2', not the small slots for sticks and pine needles to clog up in. It also needs to be a small opening of 1/4"-1/2" and no more. It should not be nailed or screwed through your roof to void the warranty. It should have end caps to completely enclose the system and protect it from Birds, Squirrels and debris.
3. The Appearance- It should come in an unlimited color selection to custom match your gutters or better yet your roof! It should be low profile and smooth so as to blend in with the gutters and/or roof and virtually disappear. The Paint should be a lifetime product that never fades and is resistant to scratches and stains. Also the nose or front of the gutter guard should be set back a little to protect against ladders denting it and causing it to overflow because of those dents. [http://www.raleighgutterguards.com ]
4. The Price- It should be competitive compared to the other solid gutter covers with the above mentioned warranties.
5. The Company- It is critical to find a company who stands behind their promises and it shows. As you do research and read testimonials you should find someone you can trust to work on your home and is licensed and insured.
For further research visit http://www.raleighgutterguards.com or http://www.leavesout.com
Thank you and have a great day!
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