Weird Dryer Noise

I have a stacked Maytag S1000 washer and dryer with an SG1000 (Gas) dryer part. All touch-panel electronic controls. Both the washer and dryer parts operate well.
The dryer dries the clothes, drum turns properly, adequate heat and air flow, all cycles perform as expected but there's a weird noise from the dryer. I can't reproduce it. Happens without any obvious outside interference such as large loads or lots of use that day of the machine and it's not necessarily the first load of the day. It always occurs after the machine has been running for some time although not after any consistent time and doesn't seem to interfere with the normal operation.
It sounds like the buzzer you hear when someone lets you in to a restricted area like the door to a jewelry store, or the door that lets you into the office part of a store, or into a doctor's office. Bzzzz... Lasts about a minute, maybe even less, and at the end there's a "ker...chunk" or "" and the buzzing ceases.
Without wanting to prejudice anyone's suggested diagnosis, my guess is that it's a relay which is not making proper contact (the buzzing is the spark jumping the gap) but finally after building up enough current (?) it finally clicks in (the The problem with this idea is that there's no consequence to the click. The machine doesn't stop or noticeably change anything. There is a thing shown in the manual called a "drive motor run relay" but this seems to be the relay to start and run the dryer. If it didn't click in when called upon to do so it would be at the beginning before the drum started to turn. There's also a "heater relay" which seems to turn on and off the heat but if this is defective it too should also be at the beginning (maybe later on as well). If the dryer wasn't electronic I'd suspect the timer rotor but it is so this can't be the problem.
Does anyone have any suggestions?
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I'll bet it's end-of-cycle signal circuit failure. I've seen it several times on the S1000's, making several different sounds. One I remember was making a low noise 24/7 whether the dryer was running or not. Really irritating.
I'd disconnect the little piezo electric speaker from the pcboard to diagnoise this. It just unplugs, and that'll tell you whether it's coming from the electronics, or somewhere else.
Just remove the two screws that hold the chrome control frame, then 3 that hold the pcboard, and swing it forward to access the plug.
You'll see the speaker mounted to the right of the board. Follow its wires, unplug it from the board, and try it again. On some of these, you can unplug the speaker without removing the board.
If that's the source of the noise, I recommend just leaving it disconnected. The boards are really expensive, if you can find one. I have one customer whose SE1000's speaker I disconn'd like this about 20 years ago, and it's been working fine ever since.
Hope that's of some help.
God bless,
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