Wall Paneling in Stairwel

RA> I decided to install wall paneling in my stairwell to the basement. RA> Is there a trick to making 4 x 8 foot panels work here. The problem RA> is that when you cut the panel at the angle required to butt up to the RA> ceiling, you need more than 8 foot to the floor. Should I cut thee RA> pieces to follow the railing with moulding. I was trying to avoid RA> horizontal or diagonal moulding.
If you follow the railing with moulding be sure to have enough room for the hand around the railing! Not sure who or when it was put in (we didn't do it) but there's a moulding here across the railing path which I catch my hand n every so often (and my hands aren't 'thick').
As for your moulding inquiry, to get a solid strip you're probably going to have to cut the panelling or go with drywall. (Wallpaper with a vertical stripe pattern for the effect?)
If you go with moulding I would be inclined to have it horizontal rather than diagonal. The steps to the basement here have a thick (~6") molding at the first floor level. We have two different wallpapers - one matching to the kitchen (first floor), the other the basement level. We've had both parts matching and didn't seem to look as good.
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