vapor Clean TR5

I bought a Vapor Clean TR5 by Commital-Sami, the manual says Stimmy TR5, and I just got it. They claim it has a maximum pressure of 65lb, but it only reaches 60lb. When working, if the pressure control is almost closed, the pressure is about 55lb maybe less. If the pressure control is fully open the pressure keeps going down to about 30lb, then it goes down much slower.
But what bothers me most is that the steam does not flow smoothly. The vapor changes from white vapor to bluish (I think) vapor and back every 1 or 2 seconds. When the vapor is bluish it is very dry which I think the machine is supposed to do. When the vapor is white, if I place my hand in front of it my hand gets all wet. I wonder if this is normal. However, it seems to work well. I tried it on a carpet stain and it easily removed it without any product. That's the good thing about these machines, no cleaning products. I know they do a good job cleaning all kind off stuff.
Anyone know if this change in vapor is normal? What about this brand?
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