Updated my lighting.

My wife and I were at the H/W store a week ago and as soon as we stepped out I realized that I should have gotten a bunch of CFL and full spectrum fluorescents. Figured no big deal, probably be back in a few days anyway.
Got home and a friend call who wanted to trade in a few XP computers for anything I had that was Win7.
He is in the lighting business so I told him he could pay me in lighting.
I now have a lot of full spectrum fluorescents and he even gave me all new ballasts...plus a lot of 5000k CFL's that give better light that what I had before and use less energy.
My wife now has better lighting in her studio and she has now stopped nagging me about moving to Arizona!
While I was doing this I though I heard someone clunking around on my porch. When I was all done with my work I went out there and someone had dropped of 4 towers and 4 servers and three boxes full of parts!
I had to haul it all into the basement before my wife noticed!
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