samsung washer wf206bnw/xaa trips the breaker as soon as I turn it on.

If you are not even seeing any light before it trips the breaker,  I'd say the main control board - Control Board MFS-WF206L-00 - is the suspect  because it has the power supply for the rest of the circuitry, and that power supply is likely bad. Could be water damage, could be a blown capacitor or a transistor in the high voltage part of the circuit - hard to tell without seeing the part and if there's any visible damage.
As far as costs, RepairClinic sells it for $123.65 but it's out of stock:
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I have a samsung washer wf206bnw/xaa that trips the breaker as soon as I turn it on. I turn breaker off and on, then as soon as I hit the on button it does it again. Its not the home circuit breakers. I had them checked thinking maybe the voltage was not enough but it's fine. The outlet works and so does my dryer which is also plugged to same outlet. I plugged the washer on a different outlet and same thing. Any ideas as What might be the problem and how much it will cost with parts & labor? 3 1/2 year old washer, could be Circuit board maybe ? If so, Is it worth repairing?
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