TrafficMaster Laminate...My Experience

Here's a quick report of my experience with TM laminate.
I just laid down about 160 sq ft of Traffic MasterTuscan Cherry "Original" Laminate. I bought on sale at Home Dep. for $1.47 sq ft. ...ultra cheap! It looked good in the store.
We put it in a dinning room which is a low traffic area. I had considered putting it in a big living center as well; but rejected the idea after working with it.
I took my time and cut and fitted the peices together as perfectly as possible. We used a flat foam underlayment that was recommended. It turned out well, nice tight job.
The planks were manufactured very precisley for the most part but there was a plank or two per box that would not fit together as tight as I liked.
Under incandescent light the 'boards' look real and beautiful. Under natural light the 'wood image' look a bit flat and the rectangular outlines of the planks stand out more, making the floor look artificial. We installed the planks parellel to sunlight streaming into a window which is also the 'long-way' of the room.
I have my doubts about the durability of the floor. It is esentially manufactured like cheap presswood furnature whith a hard chemical coating (aluminum oxide?) on it.
For the low price it was worth a try. It can be removed easily if begins to look shabby.
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