Toro CCR 2000 No Spark Fix

Just posting what I did to fix my 11 year old Toro CCR 2000.
Symptoms: 1. Engine started and quit after warming up. 2. Engine quit. 3. Pulled sparkplug, tested for spark, No spark.
Quick things to look at: 1. Check visible electrical connections are connected. This includes spark plug wire, On/Off switch, On/Off ground wire, and Xstar module (brass electrical system component mounted on the bottom of the engine). 2. Replace sparkplug.
I called my local Toro dealer, described the symptoms, and what I tried to do to fix the problem. They said that the Xstar Module-Magneto ($80) or Coil-Magneto ($90) was the probable problem.
My choice was to bring in the snowthrower in for repair (Cost = parts + labor) or to try to do it myself (Cost = Non returnable parts).
Being a DIY person, I went with the second option and tried to replace the Xstar Module first.
The Fix: 1. Unscrew and remove the Plastic Manual Choke (1 screw). 2. Remove Control Panel/Lower Shroud to access lower part of engine (2 Nuts). 3. Remove Discharge Chute (3 Nuts). 4. Remove Gas Cap. 5. Remove Crank by removing "Support-Chute Crank" from handle cross member (2 nuts). 6. Remove Upper Shroud (2 Nuts). 7. Unplug Xstar Module (quick release connector). 8. Remove Xstar Module (2 screws). 9. Install new Xstar Module (connect to quick release connector). 10. Try starting.
If the snowthrower starts up, you can put the machine back together.
If the snowthrower doesn't start, you need to disassemble more things. 11. Remove the gas tank (2 Nuts). 12. Remove the engine/gas tank support (3 Nuts). 13. Remove the pullstart/engine cover (4 Machine Screws). 14. Remove Coil (2 screws). 15. Install new Coil
Reassemble Steps 13, 12, 11. 16. Try starting.
I was fortunate enough to get the engine started after step 9. The whole process took less than an hour. All parts were easy to access.
Good luck! I make no promises that this fix will work for you.
BTW: Talk about price gouging. Eighty bucks for an ignition part is outrageous. Thats 1/6th the price of the New CCR2450.
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