Toilet Leak

Hello, My wife and I just had some tile work done in a bathroom upstairs. Job was finished about 2 weeks ago. I just noticed a discoloration on the ceiling below that bathroom. I thought it might be moisture, had my wife flush, and sure enough, I hear some "heavy drips". This just happened and we have done no further investigation. My tile guy, of course, says it's just a coincidence, that what he did was a no brainer and he couldn't have caused the problem. He says he thinks it is a pipe problem that he didn't cause. I didn't see him do the work and have no idea what's involved. I guess my question is: Is it very unlikely for him to have caused the problem? He seems to think that if it was the part between the john and pipe that he replaced, we would have a leak all the time, not just with the flush as it appears. Any opinions appreciated!
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