Toaster Oven Repair Question

I need to replace the thermal fuse in my toaster oven.
I know that when I took the oven apart the gear for the thermostat moved and I assume it will take some trial and error to get it positioned correctly. What I'm looking for is a place to start.
Scroll down to picture 3 at this site to see the tabs that hang down from the thermostat - near the *tail* end of the green arrow.
The thermostat knob goes from Keep Warm, through the range of 250 - 400 and stops at Toast/Broil.
What I need to know is what position should the tabs be in at the Toast/Broil setting. This would be the setting where the elements would stay on constantly. Should the tabs be Touching? Full Open? Somewhere in between?
I'm hoping that positioning the tabs for Toast/Broil would get me close so the oven temps match the knob setting. Any other suggestions would certainly be welcome.
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