Thoughts on high fascia corner repair --second post

Remove the problem, don't cover it up. I am taking that and several other things into consideration.
The problem is a corner fascia that is water rotted, not badly and the board end is still correctly cornered, but enough to see if you look hard -- not just a passing glance -- or are a few feet away from it.
Most everybody has some rear high corner of the house that is well shaded and stays rain-wet a long time, and also this is at the roof on the high end of the second story of a split-level and is the least visible portion of the whole house.
The fascia is ten foot lengths of 1 x 6 and i know what it is like to try and handle and nail that length of fascia that high since i replaced all the fascia on that end of the house it some years back. (And it ain't some years back to my body now so i don't even want to consider that. :-))
The place is almost impossible to get to and i will have to have the ladder in a very awkward spot on a hill. (with all kind of supports to keep it from slipping back and down the hill.)
Anyway, the ladder will be easier and ultimately safer than working from the roof itself and hanging over on the downward pitch to get to it.
Anyway....... My idea is to get the ladder secured in position and assess the problem upclose, then caulk it up a bit, THEN put a short piece of cut down to 1 x 6 size of cement fibreboard over it, run 4 screws in, putty over their heads and caulk and knife smooth the edges of the overpiece for water runoff and then paint that.
There is no problem with the soffit directly underneath/behind it which is one reason I say it is external.
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