Surgeprotector Question.

Hi JJ!
J > I had about four items plugged into the surgeprotector. Only one item on. J > The breaker is 15 amp? I am not sure on the terminology since I am new at
Stick around, read, and ask questions to learn. :)
The circuit breaker on the surge protector is probably 15 Amps (abbreviated "A"). Would guess the circuit breaker in the service panel is 20A.
J > this. Anyway, I plugged a desk lamp (was turned off) into the J > surgeprotector and the surgeprotector blew and the breaker went off. The
Odd, though remember this: the light's switch is at the lamp. Electricity can still travel between the plug and the switch if there is a path for it to complete the circuit, namely a 'short'. The short could be at the plug or somewhere in the wire (cat chewed on the cord, insulation ripped when cord pulled around sharp corner).
A little unusual for the surge protector to burn out -- would have thought normally the surge protector's circuit breaker would have tripped. Normal for both circuit breakers to trip.
J > Surgeprotector is an APC unit, about $50 retail. I smell a burning smell on J > the surgeprotector. I guess it is toast. Now the AC's breaker went off as J > well. 20 amp I plugged another surgeprotector in and everything is working J > fine again. The surgeprotector was on when I plugged the lamp in.
Surge protector is probably toasted -- contact APC as the other gentleman suggested.
J > -What happened, in electrical terms?
As I mentioned above, more than likely there is an intermittant short in the lamp. I would check the cord (while unplugged!): visually inspect and if can't find anything run fingers over cord to see if can feel a nick. If nothing found replace plug.
J > -Should the surgeprotector have been off before plugging anything into it?
J > plugged the lamp into the "always on" plug on the surgeprotector.
Nope. I've never had to shut a surge protector off to plug anything in.
J > -Is the lamp bad?
It certainly was misbehaving! <g> LIS, check the lamp's cord and/or plug.
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