Stock market, need advice. Etrade

ot but some good advice in the past.
When T suggested hydroxy i placed 2k in tevjf on etrade.
It went to 3k. Do not know how to cash out and make 1k profit.
Bought a book A beginners guide to the stock markt by m r kratter.
In simple terms, how, if i see a good rise do i cash in? I was assuming this was Vegas easy.
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In article, says...
I do not know about etrade, but I use TD Ameritrade.
In the internet site there is a screen that comes up and you either put in a buy order or a sell order. You do have to have the money in what I will call a money market account with them to buy and when you sell you r money goes there. If I want to sell some stock and get the money, I sell it off, the money goes in to the money market account, and from there I tell it to send the money to my checking account at my bank. If I do not want the money , I just leave it in the money market account and when I see something I want to buy, I use that money.
The process is very simple. It can get complicated as there are several ways to buy and sell. Most of the time I set a price I want to sell at or buy at and if it reaches that point the computers do it for me.
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