Should I prime interior latex paint?

I'm painting a piece of unfinished wood (birch) furniture with latex
Should I first use a primer.
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Bruce K.
Read the container label.
"Bruce K." wrote in message news:
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No. You shouldn't paint any furniture with latex paint.
But if you insist, then yes, you need a primer first to be sure the next coat of latex paint will stick.
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George E. Cawthon
No, though sometimes unnecessary.
I would agree with that but there are some new latexes that work well for painting furniture.
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Explanation: I prefer alkyd to latex for surfaces that get heavy use because latex is a softer finish and stains more easilly. Cleanup is a tad more work, but very little difference in application. Latex stains easily with some inks and food colorants. As far as I know, wood should always have a primer for any kind of painted coating. Choose a good brand at a paint store and the paint label will indicate proper prep.
Only time I would not prime wood is when a "pickled" finish is used. Pickled finishes are better for open grain wood, like oak or ash. I did such a finish on oak using slightly thinned oil paint, with clear coat on top, which got the icky yellow out of old oak. Very pretty.
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