secondary a/c drain pan in attic

I did an inspection after it was supposedly serviced by ARS (5 yr old house in around Houston, Texas). I found there was a "tiny" amount of water in the secondary drain pan. It was not deep enough to drain out of the drain pipe and the pan is tilted toward the pipe. I know the water is so little like 1/8" deep but I thought there should never be ANY water in this secondary drain pan. I called ARS (who was paid by the seller) and they told me it's ok. I then called my trusted brother in law and from his experience, said it's ok. I then called my trusted a/c guy and he said not really okay but he needs to look at it to be sure. My gut feeling is it's likely something clogged just enough in the main pan (rust??) to cause a tiny amount to go into secondary pan. This secondary pan is made of plastic and is hung just under the bottom of the metal box so you can't really see much but just the inside edge all around. I only saw water near the edge where the drain pipe is, not around the other edges so I'm inclined to believe the water is not deep enough to cover the entire secondary pan.
Am I just splitting hairs over this??? I will likely get it reinspected down the road by my own a/c guy but I don't think it's an emergency at this time because I don't think ARS would just leave it as is if it were truly that bad... besides if it were, I'd think they'd want to fix it to get more money outa the visit. Suggestions???
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