Saw - Short Work Stands

This might come in handy for some. I recently bought a small compound miter saw to put up some new crown molding and redo door trim in the living room and hallway. Didn't buy a stand for it because I don't want one. When I'm done with the trim work I'll put the saw on a workbench in the garage for crosscutting, which is mostly what I do with a saw. I put the saw on the floor in the livingroom, but it moved too much on the small base, so I lag screwed it to a 2'x2' piece of 1/2" plywood. That made it stable. Wanted to work where I was fitting the pieces, as I try to cut a bit oversize with long work, then trim as needed, which means a lot of cuts. Started cutting with pieces of 2 x 4's on magazines to level the molding, which were 14 footers, with the saw bed. The saw bed was about 3 1/2" off the floor. Right away I didn't like that support method, so started thinking of my old roller stands for my long-gone radial arm saw. But this is a one-off job and I didn't want to spend money on new equipment. Since I had plenty of 2x4's around I made a couple of stands in about 5 minutes. They're simple H's, each side attached to the crossbar with 2 drywall screws. Crossbar is same height as saw bed. They're small, work good, use 25 cents of wood each, and are surprisingly stable. They'll do fine on the workbench when I put the saw there. Don't need floor stands. I've got 16' of workbench on one garage wall. Okay, the cheapskate is done bragging about his bright idea. Go ahead and say "Duh." But sometimes good solutions are simple as all get out.
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