repaired Whirlpool washer bangs loudly when clutch engages...

Hey y'all;
I just got through putting a rebuilt transmission into my Whirlpool direct-drive washer, and now whenever the spin cycle ends or I lift the lid during the cycle, and the clutch engages to stop the drum from turning, the machine emits a loud BANG noise and jerks itself several inches across the floor. Scary!!!
This is new behavior - the transmission replacement was due to it just plain dying (after leaking oil for five years - and being told by the warranty repairman that "they all leak oil, that's normal" - but that's another story). I did not notice any other broken or about-to- break parts when I had the various pieces off. Everything was reassembled as much as I can be sure of in exactly the same configuration as it was before. The motor coupling pieces were in fine shape (I have a spare set, just in case, but didn't need to use it) , and I made sure that the "brake cam driver ... and drive tube" did not "rest on the clutch spring on the new gearcase" (quotes from the Whirlpool Direct Drive Washer DIY Manual). However, it seems to me that maybe I needed to line something else up that was not mentioned in the manual, or that I left something mis-aligned somehow inside the clutch/driveshaft assembly... or that perhaps I mis-interpreted the quoted passages?
Any ideas? Or even a photo? :-)
Thanks heaps, kat
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