Recommendation for new deck....

I have just had some piers poured for a new wood deck (piers have 6x
brackets for uprights installed). I am now planning on putting a 350 gallon
hot tub on the deck. Will 6x uprights be strong enough? should I use 6x 10
or 6x12? or will 6x6 be strong enough?
What center should I use for my joists?
I am planning on using the PVC decking for the deck, if that makes a
difference... Any thoughts on this as a material?
Then deck is 124 inches wide and 140 inches long.
The piers on on 6 ft centers and one end will be connected to a cement
footer, and then one side will be connected to an existing wood deck
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Correction: the post holders are for 4x Not 6x.... So.... Will 4x6, 4x8 or 4x10 be strong enough?
Thanks... Mc
"Mctabish>" I have just had some piers poured for a new wood deck (piers have 6x
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The load-bearing ability of a vertical post depends on the unsupported vertical distance, so we'd have to know how tall the posts are to answer the question. It also matters where the posts are, relative to the hot tub and the edge of the deck.
But wood in compression is ludicrously strong.. I'd be more worried about joists, beams, and your ledger strip than the posts, especially on a low deck.
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The posts will be approx 6 foot tall. I am planning on the joists (2x10) being on 6" centers. Beams will be on 6 foot centers and the ledger will be bolted (with expansion screws) to a cement footing. (Deck is on a hill)
The hot tub will be about 2 feet from the outside corner. ----------------------------------------------------------------- | ---------------------------- -- | | | | | | Post | Post | | | | | | | E | | | | x | Hot tub | | | i | | | | s | | | | t Post | Post | | | i | | | | n |------------------------------| | | g | | | | D | | e | | c | | k | | | | | | | ----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------ledger-------------------------------------
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Your town doesn't require a permit for a hot tub? When we wanted to install ours on an existing deck, the town required that we have an architect or engineer sign off on our plans to beef up the deck. The town wouldn't tell us what was required but they would only accept an architect's or engineer's opinion on it. This was a deck that is so close to ground level that it doesn't require railings.
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my town doesn't require permits for any deck less than 24" above grade.
If I were installing a deck & hot tub where the deck was only 6' above grade, I'd raise the grade 24" and sit the tub on the ground, and deck around it.
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HA HA Budys Here
This will be one of your main factors. Normally, this stuff is laid on joists with 12" centers, it's that poor at structural stability. 5/4 wood or 2x6 wood would be a better choice for a spa support.
These depend on height, lateral bracing, footing size and depth, soil type and a lot of factors no one can advise about without an on-site visit. Mghte want a structural engineer to take a look.
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