Re Replacing drywall along whole wall (by

The ceiing most likrly went up first, so not necessarily
I guess in some regard I have to

not really, the better the demo (ckeaner,straighetr cuts etc) the quicker the new work will go

Don't do this for a number of reasons: Assuming your ceilings are not an even 8 ft up it may seem that this would be true as u will have to rip some of the rock to fit the ceiling height. HOWEVER, if you cut the rock the way u describe you will have to clean up the cut at each stud to ensure a tight butt joint. that joint will, BTW. be a tapered edge (new sheetrock) to a non tapered edge (the old sheetrock) also you may cut the drywall at or above the nail or screw, meaing the sheetrock has no attachment near the joint Also unless the wall MAY have sections of rock running vertically. etc etc etc Cut it to the ceiling i rake repair work like this right to the lid (ceiling)
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