moving a stove along a wall- and beyond

Last year we had cabinets built by Mark Wood of Elk Ridge Construction and a remodel in general done by John Kemp of Timberlake builders- both of Colorado ( and I want to make sure this dreadful stuff doesnt' happen to anyone else...) We have to hire a great guy to rebuild drawer fronts and fix a lot of issues with the cabinets- at a cost almost the same as what we paid Mark! and we're lucky we found someone willing to do the repair work- lots of cabinet makers won't.
we had to make changes to two walls and the original guys just blindly installed the cabinets without thinking about the fact that the kitchen was now longer and more narrow than it had been planned for. as a result our stove and dishwasher are right across from each other- so you can imagine the problems of a narrow passage with 3 kids, two adults and a dog! I'm thinking of extending our peninsula to add another cabinet since the lenghtening of the kitchen made the peninsula too short wrt the island- and moving the stove down the wall to get it away from the dishwasher. Unfortunately the wall only extends 18" past the 30" stove so there would be some overlap between the stove and dishwasher still, but less. The hood isnt' finished in the back so at least the pipe on top- looks like the vent but the vent is really in the middle of that part- I think. it's this hood < . but clearly I need a wall to put it on and vent to the outside.
I think it would make a difference to have the stove move over as much as possible but does anyone have any idea about how to get it further? It would look bizarre to have it extend 12" over the wall, and I suppose I could build a countertop ledge there- but would only want that ledge for a small part and not the entire run since I want regular cabinet height over most of the peninsula so we could sit at the other side of the peninsula with it's new lip for eating at. and that doesn't solve the hood issue since I suppose it would look stupid to have 12" of hood in space.
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