Putting Nails Into Concrete Walls

Nobody else said it, so I will- unless you are looking for 'pretty', like in a painted-wall rec room, the most painless solution is vertical flat 2x4s nailed or lagged off to the sill plate, ,maybe held into place against the wall with a stripe of construction adhesive. If the basement has ever been wet, hold it off the floor an inch or two, with maybe a brick or porch-post spacer under it.. If any significant weight will be involved, a metal plate screwed into top of the 2x4, hanging over the top of the sill plate, helps. Something from the joist-hanger or fence parts aisle will probably work. I have held utility shelves up this way for years, and they go up in minutes with no mess, versus renting or buying a hammer drill, and leaving pits in the wall. If you have a table saw or router, and want adjustable shelves, you can even cut a groove in the 2x4 to accept shelf standards and brackets.
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