"Parging" brick before building a raised garden bed?

We have a 1950's style brick ranch house that has parging on the foundation as well as the lower levels of brick, below ground level. We are planning on building a dry stack wall in the front of the house to make level flower beds. Once we backfill the beds there will be about 10-15" of un-parged brick that will be below the "new" ground level (our property slopes away from the house on either side). I'm going on the assumption I should parge the brick to keep it sealed, right? But what do I use? Just some pre-mixed cement, or is there a special product or "formula" I should use? Also, is there any particular prep I need to promote adhesion? What about cure time?
Any other suggestions, tips, words of advice on the parging/skim coat as well as the dry-stack wall would be most appreciated.
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